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  1. Sale Car & Camping Refrigerator 30L
    Car & Camping Refrigerator 30L
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  2. Sale Car & Camping Refrigerator 25L
    Car & Camping Refrigerator 25L
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  3. Sale Car & Camping Refrigerator 18L
    Car & Camping Refrigerator 18L
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  4. Sale Car & Camping Refrigerator 40L
    Car & Camping Refrigerator 40L
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  5. Car Refrigerator Portable Freezer 12 40L Grey and Black
    Car Refrigerator Portable Freezer 12 40L Grey and Black
    Car refrigerator
    RRP £219.00 You save £30.00
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Enhance your travel experience with the convenience of car refrigerators, perfect for camping trips, road adventures, or extended journeys. Our diverse range of mini fridges is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of travelers seeking a reliable and portable cooling solution.
For those embarking on a campervan getaway or a long road trip, our car refrigerators offer a practical and efficient way to keep your food and beverages cool. Available in a variety of sizes, these refrigerators provide ample space for storing perishables, drinks, and snacks, ensuring that you can enjoy fresh and chilled items on the go.
The portability of our car refrigerators makes them an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring remote campsites, enjoying a beach day, or simply hitting the open road, having a reliable cooling solution adds a level of comfort and convenience to your travel plans.Browse our selection to find the perfect car refrigerator that aligns with your travel needs. Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip or a cross-country expedition, our range ensures that you have a reliable and efficient cooling solution to make your travel experiences more enjoyable and memorable. Stay refreshed, stay on the road, and let our car refrigerators be the key to a cooler and more comfortable journey.